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Protecting players is a priority for Pasino has implemented a responsible gaming policy to protect its players. We want our gaming platform to be one of the safest in terms of prevention and early detection of gambling addiction and debt.



1. Preventative measures

2. Self-assessment of gambling risks

3. Protective measures

4. Legal framework


  1. Preventative measures

When creating a account, players must set a monthly net loss limit. They can also set limits on daily connections and daily playing time. If one of these limits is reached, the player can request an increase of the limit (effective at least within 24 working hours). Otherwise, the monthly net loss limit resets on the 25th of the month at 02:00 a.m., and the daily connection and playing limits reset every day at 02:00 a.m.


Addicts lose control over their gambling behavior and gambling becomes a daily priority. For these players and their families, this results in financial uncertainty and serious relationship problems, as they lose touch with reality and deny their addiction.

After a recreational playing phase, the player gradually tolerates increasing losses. A threshold is crossed as soon as the losses are no longer proportionate to the income and standard of living of the individual concerned.


The person responsible for protective measures at is Ms. Hanae Sando. You can contact her by email at [email protected] and by phone at +41 (0)22 592 00 00.

You can also contact one of the following institutions specializing in gambling addiction:

Carrefour Addiction Rien Ne Va Plus
45 rue Agasse
1208 Genève
Call: +41 (0)22 329 11 69
Centre Phénix Envol
Boulevard du Pont d’Arve 28
1205 Genève
Call: +41 (0)22 404 02 70
Centre du Jeu Excessif
Rue du Bugnon 23
1011 Lausanne
Call: +41 (0)21 314 92 07
Rue Saint-Pierre 3
1002 Lausanne
Call: +41 (0)800 801 381
Réseau Fribourgeois de santé mentale – Centre des addictions
Rue François-d’Alt 3
1700 Fribourg
Call: +41 (0)26 305 90 00
Addiction Valais
Rue du Scex 14
1950 Sion
Call: +41 (0)27 327 27 00
Suchtberatung AGS -Beratungsgespräche und Gutachten zur Aufhebung Bezirk Brugg
Annerstrasse 18
5200 Brugg
Call: +41 (0)56 441 99 33
Beratungszentrum Baden
Mellingerstrasse 30
5400 Baden
Call: +41 (0)56 200 55 77
Suchtberatung Bezirk Dietikon Beratungsgespräche
Züricherstrasse 126
8953 Dietikon
Call: +41 (0)44 741 56 56
Careplay Kompetenzzentrum für Spielsuchtprävention
Zentrum für Verhaltenssüchte
Jupiterstrasse 42
8032 Zürich
La Main Tendue
Beckenhofstrasse 16
8006 Zürich
Call: 143
Schuldenberatung Aargau-Solothurn
Effingerweg 12
5000 Aarau
Call: 41 (0)62 822 82 11
Casino du Lac
Route de Pré Bois. 20
1215 Genève 15
Call: 022 592 00 00

  1. Gambling Risk Self-Assessment

You can complete a self-assessment questionnaire about gambling addiction in the Responsible Gaming section of your account. Depending on the answers you provide, reserves the right to exclude you from all gambling activities in Switzerland (land-based and online casino games, large-scale online games, and large-scale games to which the intercantonal authority has extended the exclusion).

  1. Protective measures

Temporary gaming pause

You can block your access to one or more games, a category of games or all games on for a specific period of time ranging from 24 hours to 6 months. can shorten the break at the request of the player, with reasons, provided that the conditions for exclusion set out in Art. 80 of the Swiss Gambling Act are not met.


Exclusions, whether imposed or voluntary, are issued for an indefinite period. They are effective in all land-based and online casinos in Switzerland.

Voluntary exclusion

If you wish to exclude yourself from playing, you can do so directly from your account, by using the request form or by visiting one of the 21 Swiss land-based casinos. The voluntary self-exclusion can only be removed after a minimum period of 3 months. The reasons for the exclusion must be resolved before the exclusion can be revoked.

Download the voluntary self-exclusion request form (pdf)

Compulsory exclusion

Casinos are required to impose a gambling exclusion if a player is suspected of being insolvent, failing to meet his financial obligations, placing bets that are out of proportion to his income and assets, or exhibiting a gambling addiction. The exclusions imposed apply for an indefinite period to all land-based and online gambling houses in Switzerland, as well as to large-scale games.

Remove exclusions

The request to remove an exclusion must be submitted to the casino or company that issued the exclusion by post or e-mail. For, you have the possibility to submit a request to remove this exclusion, by e-mail to [email protected], or by post to Casino du Lac Meyrin SA, Route de Pré-Bois 20, 1215 Meyrin.A qualified specialist will be involved in this procedure.

  1. Legal framework

The Swiss Gaming Act (BGS) and its Ordinance of Money Games (VGS) apply to all exclusions pronounced in Switzerland. Exclusions are published in a joint register of Swiss gaming houses and large-scale gaming operators.

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