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1 General

2 Creating a player account

3 Opening and confirming player accounts

4 Deposits to player account

5 Interest

6 Withdrawals

7 Maximum credit balance

8 Game rules

9 Significant winnings

10 Inactive player account

11 Closing a player account

12 Responsible gaming

13 Combating money laundering

14 Promotions

14.1 Bonus casino

14.2 Opt-in

14.3 Casino Deposit Bonuses

15 Data protection

16 Warranty

17 Liability

18 Right of action by suppliers

19 Intellectual property

20 Modifications/Changes

21 Transfer

22 Competent cour

23 Severability

1. General

Casino du Lac Meyrin SA shall operate the online casino via the Website and through other access options (e.g. applications) under the name (to which it shall be collectively and individually referred to hereinafter as the "Website"). All rights relating to are exclusively reserved by Casino du Lac Meyrin SA, Route de Pré-Bois 15,1215 Meyrin, Switzerland (Identification Number CHE-101.045.276 ; hereinafter referred to as ""). The Federal Council has granted Casino du Lac Meyrin SA the right to conduct gambling operations (concession no. 516-014). As such, Casino du Lac Meyrin SA is subject to supervision of the Swiss Federal Gaming Commission. The concession held by Casino du Lac Meyrin SA for gambling operations was extended to include the right to operate online games (extension of concession no. 516-014-01).

These Terms and Conditions of use must be accepted prior to any use of the Website. By accepting these terms and conditions, the user acknowledges that he or she fully understands the terms and conditions of use and accepts them in their entirety upon opening a Player account on With each use of the Website or one of the games offered on the Website, the Player accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Use in full.

No account or deposit is necessary or required to test the gaming offer from free of charge. Any use of the Website is at the sole discretion and at the sole risk of the Player. By playing on the Website, the Player acknowledges that he/she does not find the Website to be offensive, objectionable, unfair or indecent. These General Terms and Conditions of Use do not cover issues that may arise from the use of Websites and games with third-party hardware (such as PCs, mobile phones and tablets) or software (such as operating systems, web browsers and access software), or from the use of third-party app stores (such as Google Play, iTunes, Windows Store, Apple Store) or from the user's Internet connection to such services that are not offered by

To open an account on, the Player must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Be domiciled or habitually resident in Switzerland (a Player is a habitual resident of Switzerland if he or she lives in Switzerland for a specific period of time, even if this period is initially of limited duration.
  3. Not subject of a gambling exclusion order within the meaning of Article 80 of the Swiss Gambling Act.
  4. Not prohibited from gambling for any other reason (Article 52 of the Gambling Act).

If a user who has registered with is a minor and is not domiciled or habitually resident in Switzerland, is excluded or prohibited from gambling for any other reason, his or her losses shall not be reimbursed and, in accordance with Article 52 paragraph 4 of the Ordinance of Money Games, his or her winnings shall not be awarded.

Each Player may have only one (1) Player account on the Website. If any Player attempts to hold more than one player account, reserves the right to block all accounts concerned and to cancel all bonuses payable. Access to a player account by any persons other than the account holder is strictly prohibited. The acquisition or use of accounts belonging to other persons is also prohibited. Players who register more than one account (including accounts with different personal information) will not be permitted to withdraw their winnings.

The player is permitted to use the Website and the Customer Account for personal entertainment and non-professional use only.

By using the Website, the Player:

  • Agrees not to open or use multiple accounts
  • Agrees not to act with fraudulent intent
  • Agrees not to provide incorrect or misleading information concerning his or her identity, domicile and place of habitual residence
  • Guarantees that he or she is domiciled or habitually resident in Switzerland
  • Guarantees that he or she is of legal age
  • Agrees not to allow minors or persons who do not have their domicile or habitual residence in Switzerland to fraudulently obtain access to the gaming services
  • Agrees to abstain from any collusion with other players
  • Agrees to abstain from any illicit activity, including those involving third parties
  • Agrees to abstain from cheating or using systems designed to influence his or her odds of winning (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems)
  • Agrees not to misuse promotional offers, in particular by playing low- or zero- risk strategies to convert risk-free bonuses
  • Agrees to abstain from any modification, retro-engineering or reproducing of any element of the Website
  • Agrees not to use the Website for professional purposes

To ensure players comply with the aforementioned commitments and guarantees, and its operators are authorised to analyse the online gaming behaviour of players. If any such behaviour is either known or suspected, has the right to take appropriate measures to resolve the situation, to postpone or refuse withdrawals, or to cancel games which the Player has won unfairly. may, at its discretion, suspend or close the player's account, without prejudice to any legal recourse open to may in particular choose to do so if the player breaches the commitments and guarantees listed above, commits any other unlawful or prejudicial action against the interests of, or is suspected of doing so. The balance of the Player's account at the time of suspension or closure shall in principle be paid to the Player; however, may retain sums to compensate for losses resulting from the Player's behaviour.

By using the games offered on the Website, you accept the general terms and conditions specifically applicable to each of the games offered on the Website.

The player may contact the customer service department either by e-mail ([email protected]) or via a chat function on the website. The player understands that the transfer of data via the chat is not guaranteed to be secure. Moreover, the player is responsible for ensuring the secure transmission of data by e-mail. will never contact a player to solicit his/her log-in information (username, password), whether by e-mail or by any other means. If the player has received such a request, it is recommended that they do not respond to it and they inform's customer service.

Players are prohibited from distributing any content (such as images, video, links or words) on the Website or other offers from that includes political, religious, insulting, defamatory, threatening, violent, sexist, pornographic or any other morally dubious, indecent or offensive content, in particular content promoting racist or extremist opinions, persons or images.

Information provided when completing the registration process or registering for any promotion is handled confidentially. reserves the right to retain all personal data provided by Players for as long as permitted or required by law. Each Player has the right to view all personal data which retains concerning him or her.

All games are played in Swiss francs (CHF).


2. Creating a player account

Under the Gaming Act, may provide gambling services only to persons domiciled or habitually resident in Switzerland. In order to play for real money on, Players are required to register ("Player account") on the [](] Website. reserves the right to refuse to open a Player account without divulging the circumstances.

All mandatory fields on the registration form must be completed accurately and in compliance with an official identity document, particularly the Players' surname(s), first name(s), date of birth, nationality, gender, residence address, as well as valid e-mail address and telephone number. Upon completing registration, each Player confirms the accuracy of all data provided. A Username and Password must be provided during the registration process, in order to allow subsequent log-in to the Website. The username chosen should not provide any clues as to the identity of the Player, considering its public nature and given that it can be seen by third parties.

The Player is solely responsible for protecting his or her log-in data and is advised not to share it with third parties. For added security, the player has the option to authorise access to his/her account with "double authentication". If the player opts out of this feature, is not responsible for any damage incurred by the player as a result of additional risk involved.

If any third parties access a Player's log-in data, is not liable for any misuse of the log-in data. Moreover, also reserves the right to block any customer account and to withhold any credit on the account, if a third party other than the account holder is using or is suspected of using a customer account, if the customer account is used by a third party other than the account holder. The Player is solely responsible for any deposits and/or losses that may occur on his or her account. If the Player loses his or her log-in details, the Player is advised to contact customer service at the following e-mail address: [email protected].

Throughout the duration of the contract and the business relationship between the Players and, Players are required to provide complete and accurate information regarding their identity and to notify of any changes to this information. If, as a consequence of any changes, the Player can no longer participate in Swiss online casinos, but has failed to inform of such changes, this may result in any losses or winnings being withheld in accordance with Art. 52 para. 4 of the Ordinance of Money Games.

The home address provided by the Player will be verified upon registration. For this purpose, all relevant personal information (surname, first name and address) is forwarded to a credit rating agency (CRIF AG, Riesbachstrasse 61, 8008 Zürich). A verification procedure is also used to ensure that the Player is not included in a register of persons prohibited from gambling. By agreeing to these general terms and conditions, the Player expressly consents to these verification procedures.


3. Opening and confirming player account

Following registration, a temporary player account will be created. The Player must send a copy of his official ID within 30 days to activate the player account. If the credit bureau cannot verify the residential address, the Player must also submit proof of address (copy of an electricity bill, TV/Internet bill or bank statement issued within the last three months). These documents must be submitted from the Player's "Account" page, "Verification" tab, or by e-mail to: [email protected], or by post, or directly to the Casino du Lac Meyrin SA offices (Route de Pré-Bois 20, 1215 Geneva 15).

The copy of the identity document submitted by the Player is forwarded to a partner to verify its authenticity. The authenticity of the documents is checked by the AI de Jumio, a company which specialises in preventing identity fraud. The entire process is certified ISO 27001:2013, for best practices in information security.

Until the Player account has been validated, the total sum of deposits made by the Player cannot exceed CHF 1'000.00 and the Player cannot withdraw his winnings, as stipulated in article 52 of the Ordinance of Money Games. Furthermore, in this case, is under the obligation to deactivate the Player's account in accordance with Article 52 of the Ordinance of Money Games.


4. Deposits to player account

The Minimum deposit amount is CHF 10.-. To deposit, Players are advised to go to the "Cashier" page, under the "Deposit" tab. Players will receive a confirmation e-mail for each transaction performed on their Account.

The payment methods displayed may be used to make a deposit. may modify the available payment methods at any time. If a credit or debit card is used to make deposits, there will be an authorisation procedure. The transactions from the Player's financial institution to are conducted securely. Once the deposit has been approved and authorised, it is credited to the Player's customer account. If the card company does not approve or authorise the transaction, no funds will be credited to the player's customer account.

The player agrees to refrain from making deposits by means of a credit card of which he/she is not the beneficial owner. reserves the right to request identification documents or other information for deposits.

If receives chargebacks or other costs associated with the Player's account, reserves the right to charge the Player the corresponding accumulated amounts. may, at any time, offset any remaining balance in the Player's account with any amount due to Credit balances on customer accounts do not earn interest. is not a credit institution and does not accept overdrafts on customer accounts.


5. Interest

Pursuant to Article 69 (4) of the Gambling Act, securities on the account do not bear interest.


6. Withdrawals

“Players may request to have all or part of their credit balance transferred to their player account at any time. Credits from free games offered by the operator are not considered in the credit balance.”

To deposit, Players are advised to go to the "Cashier" page, under the "Deposit" tab. Before any withdrawal of winnings can be processed, a Player's account must be validated. reserves the right to request additional information required to validate withdrawals. Winnings and assets deposited in the Player account may only be withdrawn via transfer to a Swiss bank account in the Player's name.

The execution of withdrawal orders must be approved by's security department in accordance with's internal procedures. Withdrawals may be cancelled via the "Cashier" page, pending approval. Furthermore, the greater the amount of the withdrawal, the longer and more cumbersome the validation process will be. will, however, do its best to process payments within two weeks of the withdrawal request.

Players will receive a confirmation e-mail for each transaction performed on their Account.


7. Maximum credit balance

The maximum credit balance of Player accounts on 

cannot exceed CHF 1'000'000. If the credit balance on the Player account exceeds this amount, reserves the right to block the account until the situation is resolved.


8. Game rules

Players may only start playing for real money once they have registered with and an amount has been credited to their Player account. User manuals are available for each game from the "Game Strategy" section. The customer service team can provide Players with additional information regarding game manuals. The Players bear sole responsibility for consulting the specific rules of games.

If any dispute arises concerning the results of a game, the Player must submit his/her request to in writing or by e-mail within fourteen (14) days. If there is a discrepancy between the results displayed on the Player's terminal and the results stored in the server software, the latter shall be deemed authentic and shall be the sole determining factor. If credits an incorrect amount to the Player's account, the Player shall be obliged to inform as soon as possible and, if applicable, to refund the amount that has been incorrectly received.

The Players shall bear sole responsibility for complying with all financial and legal requirements and for paying any taxes on their winnings. reserves the right to change its gaming offer at its own discretion and without prior notice. We reserve the right to require the approval of the regulatory authority.


9. Significant winnings

The Player, by accepting any prize and/or winnings from, agrees that his or her username be used for publicity and promotional purposes without compensation and in compliance with Swiss law. When a Player wins a large amount, may perform verifications concerning the proper performance of the game. This may result in a delay before the winnings are credited to the player's account, as well as any potential withdrawal.

For one-time winnings over CHF 1'000'000, is legally required to deduct 35% withholding tax and remit this to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration as withholding tax. The website for the Swiss Federal Tax Administration offers valuable information on the procedures required to refund the withholding tax.


10. Inactive player account

If a Player account is inactive for 24 months, will transfer the remaining balance (except for bonuses) to the payment account linked to the Player's account. If such transfer proves to be impossible due to incomplete or incorrect information, and if is unable to contact the Player, must, after an additional period of 24 months, transfer the remaining balance to the AVS Compensation Fund (Article 51 of the Ordinance of Money Games). Any further claims against will then expire.


11. Closing a player account

Player accounts can be closed at any time. To do so, the Player is simply asked to send an e-mail to: [email protected].


12. Responsible gaming strives to ensure safer gaming and to provide Players with tools to responsibly manage their account and gaming activity. seeks to provide Players with an enjoyable gaming experience, while ensuring that their website experience does not adversely affect their social or professional life, or their financial health. We take responsible gaming extremely seriously and has a number of strict policies and measures in place to promote and secure safer gaming.

However, if the Player believes that his/her gaming activity is becoming harmful, he or she is advised to contact, any other casino of which he or she is a client, or an organisation which provides support to individuals, such as:

A variety of tools are available on the Website to assist Players in controlling or limiting their gaming behaviour.

The Gambling Act obliges to issue a gaming exclusion order to players suspected of insolvency, defaulting on their financial obligations, or placing bets which are disproportionate to their income and financial situation. The exclusion order shall apply to all licensed casino games, in casinos and on the Internet. It shall also apply to lotteries, sports betting and online games of skill, as well as to all games defined by the inter-cantonal authorities. This exclusion will be entered in a register which applies throughout Switzerland.

To fulfil this requirement, will analyse the Players' transaction and usage data and, if necessary, verify their solvency or request various documents to prove their solvency (e.g. an extract from the Debt Enforcement Register). In doing so, shall forward the personal information required to perform a credit assessment (surname, first name, date of birth and address) to a qualified company: CRIF AG, Riesbachstrasse 61, 8008 Zürich. This firm evaluates solvency on a mathematical and statistical basis. At any time, Players may ask CRIF AG to review the data it maintains about them.

By using the Website, players accept that there are no pathognomonic signs of gambling addiction; diagnosis of this pathology requires consultation with a specialist.


13. Combating money laundering

If there is any suspicion of money laundering, may block the customer account and/or pending withdrawals and may withhold the account balance. 

Certain transactions may require to request additional information from Players in compliance both with provisions of the Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and the Ordinance of the Federal Gaming Board of 12 November 2018 on the Diligence of Casinos in Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism . The Player account may be blocked until all information and documents required by law have been submitted.


14. Promotions

All promotions are subject to conditions specific to each offer. 

Generally, these conditions stipulate that the Player only benefits from promotions if he or she generates a certain volume of play within a specific period of time.

The following is a description of the main types of promotional offers.

   14.1 Bonus casino

"Free spin": "Free spin" means a "free spin" is awarded. When a Player is awarded free spins, he/she can play without wagering real money. If free spins result in a win, it is converted into real money and credited to the Player's account.

"Instant Bonus": The Instant Bonus is a lump sum of money separate from the Player's real money. The Player can wager this separate fund, which is converted into withdrawable real money only when the Player meets the requirements specific to the promotion; in principle, this means that a certain amount of play has been generated from this separate fund within a specific period of time.

In this way, the incremental increase of decisive game volume will depend on the type of game played (see table below).

Game category


Slots100 %
Live game shows (except Lightning Roulette and Dice Roulette)50 %
Video poker30 %
Live poker10 %
All blackjack games10 %
All dice games10 %
All roulette games0 %
All baccara games0 %

This indicates that if the Player is only playing Blackjack, each franc that is played from the separate capital will only count towards a 20-cent increment; however, if the Player is only playing Slots, each franc that is played will count towards the full increment.

If the Player participates in multiple casino bonuses at once, each wager is only credited towards the increment of a single determining volume.

If the Player does not meet the volume requirements within the specified time period, the bonus will expire and the capital that was separated from the bonus is eliminated.

If the Player satisfies the volume requirements within the specified time limit, the capital separated from the bonus is converted into real money, i.e., it is included in the funds that the player may freely play or withdraw.

   14.2 Opt-in

"Opt-in" means "membership option". Opt-ins are special promotions where the Player can choose whether or not to join.

For each opt-in offer, there are specific rules available to the Player.  By choosing the opt-in offer, Players confirm that they have read and accepted these rules.

Generally, the specific rules of the opt-in offer include both the terms and conditions of the opt-in offer and the compensation awarded to Players if they fulfil the terms and conditions of the opt-in offer.

   14.3 Casino Deposit Bonuses

The deposit bonus is a casino bonus that is granted to a player as soon as he makes a deposit. Each deposit bonus is subject to certain conditions, which are specified in advance and can be found in the bonus terms and conditions. In general, deposit bonuses work as follows:

- The player decides to deposit a certain amount into his account.

- The player is additionally credited with a bonus on the deposited amount.

The deposited amount is booked as real money credit and the deposit bonus is booked as bonus credit.

The player can cancel the deposit bonus at any time. In this case, all winnings associated with the bonus are lost.

The Player may withdraw the casino deposit bonus at any time. In this case, the sum deposited is credited in real money to the Player's account; this amount is however, reduced pro rata to the amount wagered in the form of a bonus.


15. Data protection

Providing a secure and safe gaming network is's number one priority. is an ISO 27001:2013-certified company, which guarantees Players that their personal data will be used in accordance with best practices. ISO 27001:2013 certification is the international information security standard. The Players' personal data are secured and under no circumstances are their personal data shared with other Players.'s information security teams are continuously monitoring all databases and servers to guarantee the safety of the site for the Players. All deposits and withdrawals are protected through the latest SSL technology, so that deposits are safeguarded at all stages of the process.

By using the Website, the player agrees to receive information from Players may modify their personal communication preferences at any time in their player account, under the "Security" tab. Participants are advised that important information may be forwarded to them, and that they may not be able to unsubscribe from receiving this information (e.g., in case of account inactivity, additional identification requirements, protecting players from excessive gambling, anti-money laundering, or amendments to the general terms and conditions of use). Use of personal data is subject to the Privacy Policy, which is an integral and binding part of these Terms and Conditions of Use.


16. Warranty

Only the results stored in the client application of the game server are considered authoritative for determining the results of the game. Furthermore, the Player agrees that's Random Number Generator Software may determine the game results. is not responsible for computer or Internet malfunctions or for the Player's attempts to access the gaming offer by methods or means not supported by delivers its services on a professional basis and exercises due diligence in compliance with its operational resources and anticipated requirements. It is acknowledged that supplies all these services via the Internet or via use of communication networks. Temporary disruptions or interruptions of services provided by may occur due to technical difficulties or operational errors, or as a result of interruptions or disruptions in the communication networks and/or as a result of a breakdown in the IT infrastructure, telephone lines or other areas of the infrastructure necessary for providing the service. does not therefore guarantee that these services will be available at all times or that they will be faultless at all times. provides system security against computer attacks, particularly viruses. Such attacks, however, can never be completely ruled out. The Players are advised that they may receive e-mails which use the name without authorisation and from unauthorised third parties, which may contain viruses, spyware or links to web content containing viruses or spyware. does not have any influence over such issues and can therefore accept no liability in this regard.


17. Liability may only be held liable for direct damages resulting from gross negligence or malicious intent on behalf of Any liability for other causes is explicitly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

In particular, assumes no liability for loss of earnings, damage to reputation and loss of data that result from temporary interference with or interruptions to the availability of the services on the Website , or from transmission errors, incorrect price specifications or services. also excludes any liability for third-party content referring to the Website or to which the Website refers.'s suppliers (in particular the providers of games and means of payment) shall assume no liability whatsoever with regard to the players.


18. Right of action by suppliers

Through the use of the Website, Players acknowledge that's suppliers, in particular game and payment providers, are entitled to take legal action against them if the Players attempt to modify, reverse engineer or copy any element of the Website.


19. Intellectual property

The Website and all of its accessible content are protected and belong exclusively and completely to or its suppliers, unless expressly stated otherwise. The contents may be subject to third party property rights or rights of use, which players are required to respect. Any reproduction, dissemination, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linkage or use of the content for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written permission from

 Players shall be responsible for any damage they cause and its suppliers by violating the intellectual property rights of or its suppliers.


20. Modifications / Changes

The present general terms and conditions of use are published in several languages for the sake of information and to facilitate their use. Should there be any discrepancy between the different versions of these general terms and conditions of use, the French version shall be considered as the authentic version. retains the right to modify the general terms and conditions of use as well as the agreement between Players and at any time. Any changes shall be disclosed to the Players. If a Player refuses the advertised changes, he or she must contact the customer support team to request that the account be closed. The changes to the general terms and conditions of use take effect immediately upon publication on It is solely the responsibility of the Players to review the general terms and conditions of use and specific gaming rules.


21. Transfer reserves the right to terminate this contract or to transfer rights and obligations resulting from it to a third party. The Players are not entitled to terminate this contract or to transfer the rights and obligations arising from it to third parties.


22. Competent court

All services particular to are performed in Geneva and the competent jurisdiction is Meyrin (Republic and Canton of Geneva, Switzerland). The contractual relationship between and the player is exclusively subject to Swiss law.


23. Severability

If individual clauses in the general terms and conditions of use should be partially or completely invalid, the validity of the remaining contractual provisions shall not be impaired.

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