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Swiss online casinos: can online gambling games be trusted?


News | 27/12/2022

Playing at a Swiss online casino is an ideal solution for experiencing the fun of a casino without any geographic or time constraints. Nevertheless, as a beginner, you might ask yourself some legitimate questions concerning the integrity of online gambling operators. How do you determine the trustworthiness of a virtual casino? What about the “luck factor” in a slot machine or online table game? Read on as will answer all of your questions in a complete and objective article below.


1. Swiss online casinos: an indisputable success story

2. Integrity is a priority for every player

3. What are the most common misconceptions?

4. Conclusion


  1. Swiss online casinos: an indisputable and tireless success story

For several years now, online casinos have enjoyed an indisputable and ever-increasing popularity thanks to a large community of players. The possibility of playing at any time from the comfort of your computer or smartphone is an answer to some of the obstacles associated with land-based casinos. However, every nation has a different system for officially recognizing an operator. As such, no Swiss online casino could present itself as “legal” before January 2019 (the date on which the new online gambling law went into effect).

Nevertheless, the presence of illegal operators from Switzerland had a considerable effect on the confidence of online players seeking their first online slot machine and table games experiences. Unsurprisingly, there were many legitimate concerns and questions, including the integrity of Swiss online casinos.

  1. Integrity is a priority for every player

Using your favourite search engine, you’ll quickly find numerous online casinos. Though the majority of these platforms may present attractive offers and services, integrity remains the determining factor for each player. Making deposits from a bank card (or any other payment method) without any guarantee regarding winnings is unthinkable.

In other words, if there is no confidence, then a massive welcome bonus and the offering of several hundred games is irrelevant.

  1. What are the most common misconceptions?

“Swiss online casino games are rigged”

This belief is without a doubt the most disconcerting, and has a considerable negative impact on the interest of many players. However, there are several concrete arguments to be made that can reassure even the most sceptical of Swiss players. Online players have legitimate, and somewhat paradoxical, reasons for mistrusting slot machines and “classic” table games. Indeed, the majority of slot machines offered by land-based gaming clubs are mostly “digital”. But this isn’t the same case for slot machines at Swiss online casinos.

One might think that a “physical” machine is more secure than a computer program. But once again, this is only arguable when two features are guaranteed: the RTP and the Hit Frequency.

RTP is an acronym for “Return to Player,” which is the percentage associated with:

  • Amounts retained by the operator
  • And amounts gained by the player

However, the RTP cannot increase the trustworthiness of a Swiss online casino without considering the Hit Frequency, which simply indicates the frequency of games won by players against the “house”. The higher the frequency, the greater your chances of winning. On the other hand, a high Hit Frequency will indicate a lower earnings value.

Sceptical players can reassure themselves that respects these essential features. And the license granted by the Federal Gaming Board certifies this fact. Every operator recognized by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board is meticulously analysed by independent laboratories, where even a single anomaly can lead to an immediate rescinding of a granted license.

In contrast, online casinos deemed “illegal” are not subject to any controls or regulations with regard to the RTP and Hit Frequency. In other words, if you want to try your luck on one of these platforms, there is no guarantee of integrity for the services offered.

“I prefer table games in real conditions in order to assess the game as it unfolds”

Some sceptical players may judge the interface of classic table games to be unrealistic and somewhat random. Certainly, the previously noted arguments in this article should assuage any concerns. However, while these forms of entertainment might seem unsuitable based on expectations, Live Casino games are sure to be satisfying.

Unlike classic table games, Live Casino games offer live broadcasts of Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and other exciting games. Thanks to strategically placed cameras, every action taken by the players and every move made by the dealer can be assessed in detail. If you’re a fan of land-based casinos, you will recognize the familiar spin of the roulette wheel or the random distribution of cards in Poker. offers the best Live Casino games designed by Evolution Gaming, one of the leading publishers in the live gaming arena. To learn more, don’t hesitate to consult our “Live Casino“!

“My player account can get hacked, it’s too dangerous”

The troublesome rise of cybercrime has an adverse impact on players’ trust. In these circumstances, making deposits or withdrawing winnings from a Swiss online casino raises a legitimate question: is it possible for a player account to be hacked?

As an operator dedicated to online gambling, tackles cybersecurity by applying several digital solutions. At PASINO, we use encrypted protocols (as can be seen in the “HTTPS” of the URL) to reassure concerned players. As a result, no hacker can compromise the security of your player account.

The trust of our players is earned and must be protected at all times. We guarantee the complete integrity of our services. It is our priority!

« If I win, I am not certain that I will be paid »

Winning astronomical sums from Swiss online casinos is a particularly intense experience. However, some online players worry about being able to make withdrawals. Unlike online casinos, land-based casinos pay players immediately in cash. However, it’s important to remember, particularly for operators recognized by the Federal Gaming Board, that only local land-based casinos in Switzerland can offer a digital and legal version of their services.

This means that withdrawals of winnings are guaranteed by the operator. And as is offered by the Casino du Lac de Meyrin (Genève), players can rest assured that withdrawal requests will be honoured. The funds reserved for our online casino and its services can easily handle these operations and can do so with very little delay.

“I’m worried about using my banking information”

Are you worried about using your banking information on Not to worry! This sensitive information is handled in a confidential manner. Only certain members of our team are authorized to view this information in order to perform security checks. Additionally, all personal data is stored in a local and completely secure server. In short, there is an incredibly low risk of data breaches.

For your convenience, also offers alternative payment solutions, such as Paysafecard and Neteller. You are free to choose whichever option best suits your needs!

  1. Conclusion

Of course, every player wants their online casino to operate with integrity. The information presented in this article should assuage any concerns regarding the security of the games and services at our Swiss online casino.

Want to learn more about Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. Our support staff will respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible!


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