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Bonus terms

All promotions are subject to conditions specific to each offer. Generally, these conditions stipulate that the Player only benefits from promotions if he or she generates a certain volume of play within a specific period of time. The following is a description of the main types of promotional offers.


  1. Free Spins
  2. Casino bonus

1. Free Spins

A free play lets you play an online casino game for free. Any winnings obtained from a free play are yours to claim and can be deposited into your bank account. 

Once you receive your free plays, they will appear in the Bonus section of your account, where you can also see the number of free plays available after you start using them.

2. Casino bonus

a. Track the progress of a bonus

You can track the progress of a bonus at any time. To do this, you must select the "Bonus" section in your account.

b. Real money credits and bonus balances

In your account and in the "BONUS" section, you can track the progress of your credit separately. We differentiate between:

  • Real money balance
  • Bonus balance

c. How betting works

When you place a bet, your real money balance is always used first. When this is completely used up, your bonus balance will be used for all further bets. You can play with your real money balance and bonus balance combined.

d. Conversion of Bonus Balance

For the conversion of bonus credits, all wagers (real money and bonus money) are counted. The credit balance used during the games is not relevant. Therefore, you can use real money as well as bonus money for the conversion of the bonus.

e. Winnings credited by the activation of a bonus

In the case of winnings that occur when your actual account balance is not zero, these will first be automatically credited to your real money account (up to the maximum amount of the original real money balance you had at the time you received the bonus). If you place wagers that include both real money and bonus money at the same time, winnings will be distributed between the real money balance and the bonus money balance in the same proportion as the original wager. However, when your real money balance is used up, all winnings will be credited to your bonus balance.

The following are specific examples:

1. Let's say you make your first deposit of CHF 1'000 and activate your CHF 1'000 bonus. After you have activated your welcome bonus, you will receive an additional CHF 1'000 as bonus credit. This results in the following account balance:

  • Real money: CHF 1'000
  • Bonus money: CHF 1'000

2. You bet CHF 100 and lose CHF 100, resulting in the following account balance:

  • Real money: CHF 900 (CHF 1'000 - CHF 100)
  • Bonus money: CHF 1'000

3. You bet CHF 100 again, resulting in the following account balance:

  • Real money: CHF 800 (CHF 900 - CHF 100)
  • Bonus money: CHF 1'000

4. Now you win CHF 300 and get the following account balance:

  • Real money: CHF 1'000 (You will be credited with CHF 200 real money, as the amount of the original real money balance may not be exceeded, i.e. CHF 1'000 in this example).
  • Bonus money: CHF 1'100 (the remaining CHF 100 will be credited to you as bonus money).

5. you bet CHF 300 and lose CHF 300:

  • Real money: CHF 700 (CHF 1000 - CHF 300)
  • Bonus money: CHF 1'100

6. you bet CHF 600 and lose CHF 600:

  • Real money: CHF 100 (CHF 700 - CHF 600)
  • Bonus money: CHF 1'100

7. you bet CHF 400 and win CHF 800:

  • Real money: CHF 200
  • Bonus money: CHF 1'400

If you bet with real money and bonus money at the same time, the winnings are distributed in equal proportion to the real money stake and bonus money stake.

8. you bet CHF 200 and lose CHF 200.

  • Real money CHF 0 (CHF 200 - CHF 200)
  • Bonus money CHF 1'400

At this point your real money balance is used up. From now on, all your future winnings will be credited as bonus credits.

f. Wagering requirements per game category

You can use your bonus balance however you prefer. Depending on the type of game, your wagers count differently towards converting a bonus into real money credits:

  • Slots: Bets are counted at 100 %.
  • Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Live Dice Games: Stakes are taken into account at 20 %.
  • Roulette stakes are not taken into account.

g. Withdrawals without bonus conversion

If you have an active bonus, you cannot withdraw the respective bonus balance as well as any winnings therefrom without first fulfilling the turnover requirements. Real money, on the other hand, can be withdrawn at any time. For this, a cancellation of the active bonus is required. The bonus is then permanently lost and cannot be reclaimed.

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