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I have a problem with gambling, how can I get help?


Gambling addiction is a serious problem and we as a Swiss online casino are aware of our responsibility in this regard. If you suspect you are developing signs of gambling addiction, please contact our responsible gambling team. Either send an email to [email protected] or contact us via live chat. Together with you, we will find the best solution for your situation!

Furthermore, we would like to recommend that you get in contact with independent support organisations. The following organisations can help you:

How can I set my gaming limits at


Recognising the seriousness of the situation is the first step. With the support of experienced professionals, a gambling addiction can be overcome.

What are the gaming limits at and how can I set them?


You can set your gaming limits when you open your account and manage them directly in your account in the "Responsible Gaming" section. In doing so, you have the following options:

  • "Limit of daily playing time": choose your personal maximum playing time, which applies to all games offered.
  • "Daily session limit": Set how often you can log in to your account each day.
  • "Limit for monthly net losses": Limit your losses by clearly defining your gaming budget.

With these limits, you can specifically control your gaming behaviour. Once you have reached one of the limits, gambling is only possible again once the limit has been reset. The limits for the daily playing time and the daily sessions are reset every day at 1:00 a.m., the limit for the monthly net losses on the 25th of the month, also at 1:00 a.m..

If you wish to change your personal limits, you can do so at any time in your account. If you wish to reduce your limits, this is effective immediately. In the case of an increase, there is a period of 24 hours in which you can reconsider your decision, only then will the new limits apply.

How is the loss limit calculated if I an overall win?


If you can achieve a positive net result in a month due to your gaming activities, this means that your total monthly profit is higher than your total loss. The following month's gaming budget is adjusted accordingly.

For example:

  • Your monthly gaming budget limit is set at CHF 200.
  • You have made a net profit of + CHF 50 with your gaming activity in one calendar month.
  • The following month's loss limit will be increased by this CHF 50 and will therefore be CHF 250.

If you pay out part or all of the net win, this transaction is recorded as a loss in relation to the monthly loss limit. To stay with the example above:

  • If you pay out your net profit in the amount of CHF 50, the loss limit is reset to the original level of CHF 200.

How can I take a break from playing?


You have the option to set a break in your account under "Responsible Gaming" for each of our games. Especially when a game is fascinating, it is easy to lose track of time. By choosing to take a break, you are taking a conscious time-out from playing and thereby gaining a little distance. You can choose whether the pause should apply to one or more game categories. Once you have activated the pause, it cannot be cancelled.

How can I block myself from playing games?


If you would like to be voluntarily blocked from gambling, you can do this directly via your account. To do this, go to "Responsible Gaming" and select "Voluntary gaming ban" there.

Alternatively, our customer service will also help you. To do so, simply send an appropriate e-mail to [email protected]. Another option is to go to a land-based casino and apply for the gambling ban there.

Can I lift a national gambling suspension?


Yes, it is possible to lift a national gambling ban. The Federal Gaming Commission has laid down precise conditions for this. These state:

"Lifting of a gaming ban. The gambling ban must be lifted at the request of the person concerned if the reason for it no longer exists. Only the person who has imposed a gambling ban can lift it. A cantonally recognised specialist or specialist body must be involved in the lifting procedure. Legal action against the decision to impose a ban on gambling or not to lift a ban on gambling is taken through the civil courts. "

You can find more information on this on the ESBK website.

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