I have a gambling problem. How can I get help?


Addiction to gambling is a serious problem that we are acutely aware of. It is a challenge that can be overcome with the right team of people. Recognizing that one has an addiction is the first step. The ability to think about whether or not you have a problem is a useful tool along the “path to healing.” If you think that you are exhibiting signs of an addiction to gambling, our team is here to help. You can contact our responsible gaming team by e-mail at: [email protected], or via the customer support live chat in order to figure out the best solutions with us. We can also recommend several independent and trusted organizations, which are not associated with the Pasino.ch site, that you should not hesitate to contact:



You can manage the game limit settings for the following games (set during registration) via the Responsible Gaming section of your Pasino account:

  • Daily game time limits: set the amount of time allowed for playing games on Pasino.ch
  • Daily frequency limits: select the amount of time between gaming sessions
  • Net Loss limit: limit losses by setting a monthly net loss limit

  • Setting these limits will help restrict your behavior with gaming. Whenever one of these limits is reached, you can no longer play until the restriction is reset. Resets occur at midnight for daily limits (game time and frequency) for all players. Monthly net loss limits are reset at midnight at the start of the first day of each month. You can always change these settings. Please note that if the settings are decreased, changes will take effect immediately. However, if you increase the limit, there will be a 24 hour delay.

    How is my Net Loss Limit calculated when I win?


    If the net result of your earnings from games for the month is positive, then the net loss limit is adjusted accordingly. For example:

    1. You have a net loss limit set to CHF 200.
    2. You earn a positive net result of CHF 50 from gaming activities.
    3. The net loss limit will only go into effect if the CHF 50 are lost.

    If a player withdraws part or all of their net winnings, this will be counted as a loss in the monthly net loss limit, which is calculated after the net value of winnings. Using the example above, if you have a net loss of CHF 200 and a net gain of CHF 50, then you will have a net loss of CHF 250 (initial budget + net earnings -> 200 + 50). So, if you withdraw CHF 50, the net loss will be reset to CHF (250-50) 200.

    How do I take a break?


    When a player is really enjoying a game, it is easy to lose track of time. By utilizing the Responsible Gaming section of your account, you can determine and set how much time you would like to break from the game. You can even temporarily block access to a particular game (or several), a category of games, or all Pasino.ch games at once. The gaming break option is available for you to “maintain a cool head” and take a step back from gaming. Once activated, it is not possible to cancel it.

    How do I block myself from the games?


    You can choose to block yourself from the Pasino.ch site by going to the bottom of the Responsible gaming section from your Pasino account before selecting Self-Exclusion. It is also possible to do this by reaching out to customer support via email [email protected]. Please be aware that if you block your accounts, it is still possible to go to a land-based casino.

    Can I break the national self-exclusion agreement?


    Yes. However, the Swiss Federal Gaming Board imposes certain conditions with regard to cancellation of a self-exclusion agreement:

    “Cancellation of a Self-Exclusion Agreement. Self-Exclusion is lifted by the person who made the initial request and when the reasons for entering into the agreement no longer exist. It can only be lifted by the gambling house which approved the agreement. The procedure for cancelling the agreement is carried out by a specialist or a specialized service agent, who is recognized by the canton. Any appeal against a decision to enter into self-exclusion with a gambling house as well as against a decision not to comply with a request to lift the exclusion agreement is handled by the Civil Courts.”

    For more information, please consult The Federal Gaming Board website.