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Are the games at safe?


Yes, every game you can play at is 100% safe and fair. Before we include a game in our offer, it is checked by the authorities, ensuring that the specific requirements under Swiss law are met. The ESBK plays a key role in this. Certificates are only recognised from organisations that have signed a multilateral agreement (MLA) with an international organisation, such as the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), which is authorised to certify gaming establishments.

One of these organisations is Gaming Labs International (GLI), which has certified all the games we offer at - your Swiss online casino. Therefore, we can guarantee you a safe and fair gaming experience!

What is a RNG?


RNG is an abbreviation that stands for Random Number Generator. For casino games from slots to roulette and blackjack to poker games, RNGs are used to ensure a random outcome of the game. In this process, the random number generator generates series of numbers in a random sequence that determine the outcome of a game round.

The conformity of the RNG is evaluated by various institutions, which use it to analyse the reliability of online casino games. If a random number generator is changed, a conformity assessment body must be consulted again and a separate confirmation from the competent Swiss regulatory authority is required.

All games that you can play at have been carefully tested and approved by testing laboratories that are recognised under Swiss regulations.

What does RTP mean?


RTP is an abbreviation and stands for Return To Player or payout percentage. The RTP is often also referred to as «House Edge» or «Payout Percentage». It is a key figure that indicates how much of the stakes are paid out as winnings in the long term. The RTP is given as a percentage. The higher the payout percentage, the higher the chances of winning.

Example: An RTP of 97% means that the slot pays out 97% of the stakes as winnings in the long term. This means that for a stake of CHF 100, you will win an average of CHF 97 and lose CHF 3. However, these are average values. So the machine may well pay 83% in winnings to one player, 97% to the next and if a player wins a large sum, they may receive an RTP of 143%, for example.

Please note that the stake never affects the outcome of the winning combinations, only the absolute amount.

What does volatility mean?


Volatility is a term that comes from statistics and is used, for example, in banking for fluctuations in foreign exchange or share prices. In slots, volatility refers to the frequency with which a machine pays out, seen in relation to the payout amounts. A distinction is made between slots with low, medium and high volatility:

  • Online slot machines with low volatility are characterised by the fact that they frequently pay out winnings, but these are usually lower.
  • With medium volatility, you can get higher winnings, but this can take a little time.
  • Slots that have a high volatility pay out less frequently, but the amounts are higher.

Volatility is important with regard to your own gaming budget. If you want to play longer and only have a limited gaming budget, slots with low volatility are suitable. If you don't have a problem getting through longer periods of drought without winning, you can definitely dare to play slots with high volatility.

What games can I play at


At - your Swiss online casino, you will find a large selection of casino games which you can play on your PC and laptop as well as on your smartphone or tablet.

Slots make up the lion's share of our games offer. Whether you are a fan of legendary slots such as Book of Ra, Gonzo's Quest and Super Cherry 5000 or prefer to challenge your luck on the latest slots, at you will find slot machines for just about every whim and fancy.

But table game lovers won't miss out either: Roulette, Blackjack and Video Poker - you'll find all these games under Table Games. If you would like to immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of a traditional casino, we recommend a visit to our Live Casino. In addition to the classics Live Roulette and Blackjack, you can also play Live Poker and Baccarat as well as the live dealer games Monopoly, Dream Catcher and the popular game show Crazy Time.

How do slots work?


Slots are casino games made up of reels with certain symbols. The aim is to get a set number of symbols on a payline or win way. The random number generator, RNG, dictates which symbols appear in which position on the reels. This determines the result of a reel spin with randomly generated number sequences.

The predecessors of today's online slots date back to the late 19th century. Known at the time as «one-armed bandits», these mechanical slot machines had three reels and a hand lever with which the reels were brought to a standstill. The best-known example is Liberty Bell, a machine developed in 1899 by German emigrant and mechanical engineer Charles August Fey.

There is now a huge range of slots offering a variety of gaming fun with different themes, numerous bonus features and up to 117'649 ways to win. At - your Swiss online casino, we offer a large and versatile selection of slots which you can also play and check out for free. We are also constantly expanding our range and adding new slots to our selection.

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