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Are Pasino games safe?


At Pasino, before an automated casino game can be offered on the site, it must be verified by the appropriate authorities, who then confirm its compliance with Swiss law and the technical regulations. The Federal Gaming Board recognize certificates awarded by specialized companies accredited by an organization that has signed the Multilateral Agreement (MLA) with an international organization such as the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), which is authorized to certify gaming facilities. At, all games are certified by Gaming Labs International (GLI). As a result, we can guarantee an honest and fair gaming environment.

What does RNG (Random Generator Number) mean?


RNG is what online and land-based casinos use for games without dealers. For example, RNGs are used in slot machine games, but they can also be used in roulette, blackjack, and poker games. An RNG is a random generator that produces numbers, symbols and cards to ensure games are based on chance. There are many conformity assessment bodies that are responsible for assessing the reliability of online casino games. Changes can only be made to the RNG if they have been by the conformity assessment body and the appropriate Swiss authorities. All games on the site using an RNG have therefore been thoroughly tested and approved by specialized companies recognized by Swiss authorities.

What does RTP (Return to Player) mean?


RTP is the abbreviation of the term, Return to Player (also called House Edge or payout percentage). RTP is the percentage of all the wagered money that a casino will pay back to a player over time. The higher this percentage, the higher the player’s expectation to win.


For example, if you bet a total of CHF 100 on a slot machine, and it returns CHF 94, the RTP is (94/100) x 100 = 94%. But if you play ten games at CHF 1 per game with a 96% RTP, this does not mean you will recover CHF 9,60 (or CHF 10 x 96%). The game divides the return over several limited winnings and some “jackpots.” This means that the slot machine will have an 83% payout to one player versus 91% to the next player. But if the next player wins big, then the RTP will be 143%, for example. Therefore, when playing, be aware that the bet does not affect the outcome of the winning combinations.


The amount of your payment is linked to the value of the bet. For example, a bet of CHF 1 will have the winning value of CHF 10, while a bet of CHF 10 will have the value of CHF 100, and so on. Many casinos use this payment system to provide players with exhilarating games. In this way, any slot machine with more frequent payouts will have less big winnings, but the player may play for a longer period of time.

Rules of Slot Machines



Charles August Fey, a German expatriate who settled in the US in the late 19th Century, invented of the slot machine. He made several prototypes including the “Horsehoe” and the “4/11 /44.” Thanks to the success of the “Card Bell” and the “Liberty Bell” (originally referred to as the “one-armed Bandit”), with its iconic three reels imprinted with a symbol of a diamond, heart, horseshoe, spade, star and a cracked liberty bell, and its utilization of extended probabilities, the popularity of the slot machine increased exponentially in casinos in Nevada after the end of prohibition.


Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell model lasted until the 1960s before the arrival of electro-mechanical slot machines of the 80s that now appear online. Slot machines elements are comprised of:

  • 3 to 5 rotating reels with various symbols.
  • A money slot for players to insert cards or tickets in land-based casinos, or a dedicated section that represents the slot in online establishments.
  • A lever to start the game, or a Spin or Play button for slot machines online.
  • A randomizing game engine that spins the reels, or a random number generator for online slots.


Beginning in the late 90s, slot machines were digitized and soon spread to online casinos, much to the delight of gambling fans.


Goal of the Game

Slot machine games are based on chance, where the reels spin randomly. To win, the reels must line up identical symbols to get certain combinations. Although all slot machines function the same, the universe of slot machines is filled with unique symbols and additional functions with each title. Feel free to try different games and discover your favorite one.


Game procedure

First, choose your preferred slot machine. Some are more complex than others. Feel free to try out different machines for free or wager lower amounts in order to find the game that best suits your needs. Finally, place your bet, pull the lever and find out how much you win at the end of the game.Each slot machine has a number of winning combinations of symbols. Make sure you review the rules of each slot machine before you play so that you know how that particular slot machine works.



The rules for slot machines are relatively simple, but the methods for winning payouts differ from one slot machine to the other. Again, it is very important to review the rules of each slot machine in order to understand the specific mechanisms of each. Before starting a slot machine game, you can click on the “i” or “?” to obtain additional information.

Typical symbols

With each spin, the reels spin and land on a variety of combinations of symbols. When these symbols are aligned or combined, the player wins. The winnings are determined based on the particular combination of symbols. Each symbol has a different value. The cherry, or the 7, are the classic symbols most players know. However, the online versions offer a wide variety of symbols unique to the world of that particular slot machine.

Pay table

Check the pay table of your slot machine in the “Help” section of the game before starting a game. The pay table will display the various combination of symbols and their values. Based on the combination, you will win the amount stated in the pay table. Each slot machine has different symbols, whose values vary. Depending on the combination you will win greater or lesser amounts.


A payline is the line in which a payout will be awarded based on winning combinations. Paylines have become increasingly complex with the introduction of video slots. Some slot machines offer more than 1,000 ways to win. And some slot machines allow you to choose a specific number of paylines to bet on. And others maintain the default lines. Always refer to the “Help” section of each game to be more familiar with the paylines of each game and are able to play that game based on your budget.

The Wild symbol

The Wild symbol is like the Wild card, but for slot machines. The Wild symbol can stand in for any other symbol without any conditions, and so, can complete a winning combination. But if more than one symbol is missing, the Wild will not be able to fulfill [complete] a combination. Likewise, if none of the other symbols are identical, the Wild will still not be able to fulfil [complete] the combination. The Wild also cannot replace other special or unique symbols such as the Scatter etc.


The Wild has evolved alongside the popularity of video slots, and now has several variants:

  • Stacked Wild : this special symbol completely covers an entire reel.

  • Expanding Wild : this special symbol expands to the positions adjacent.
  • Sticky Wild : this symbol remains in place for a given amount of turns based on the machine.


Again, be sure to read the “Help” section of each game since the wild symbol functions differently according to the type of game.

The Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol allows you to win free spins or to play a mini game. Generally, to get a bonus, it only takes 3 to 5 Scatters, depending on the game.Scatter symbols also have their own value and can generate winnings.

Free spins and multipliers

Free spin bonuses are increasing in popularity with online slot machines. You can usually choose the number of free spins that you want to play as well as its associated multiplier. The multiplier increases the value of your winnings from free spins tenfold. The higher the number of free spins, the lower the multiplier. Sometimes a symbol can increase your multiplier or give you another free spin, so pay attention!

Mini games

You can try your luck with an instant game of chance in the middle of a game. These mini games are appearing increasingly often thanks to video and 3D slot machines. Sometimes, winning a mini game can earn you massive sums. A mini game might come in the form of spinning a bonus wheel or as a selection screen with a huge jackpot.


Advice to players

  • We recommend using free spins so that you can learn and familiarize yourself with the rules and features of a particular game. This way you can play the slot machine without risking real money.
  • Be sure to review the pay tables and read the rules of each slot machine before playing. Simply go to the “Help” section or click on the “i” or “?”
  • Bets are made based on the maximum number of lines. If you have a limited budget, simply reduce the amount of your bet and increase the number of paylines.
  • Use the features of each slot machine to your advantage. For example, many slot machines have an auto play option, which allows you to play and win faster.

Rules of video poker



Video poker has been entertaining and attracting players since it appeared in the mid-70s. It is a solitary game. Due to its popularity, casinos quickly adopted the format. Fun fact: the first machines weren't played with money but with candy. When electromechanical slot machines arrived in the 80s, 2 new features were added to video poker: keep the cards from the first round or request a second draw. This is now the preferred format of video poker for online casinos. By combining the randomized play of slot machines with the strategy of poker, video poker has become as ubiquitous as slot machines, blackjack and roulette.


Goal of the game

Video poker is similar to five-card draw poker, but on a machine. During a game, the player faces off against the machine and must obtain a strong hand in order to increase their chance of winning. Video poker uses the same classic poker hands such as the high card to the straight flush. There are several different variants of video poker such as Joker’s Wild, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, and Aces and Faces. But the Jacks or Better format quickly became the most popular game in its class. Many video poker games use the joker as a wild card, meaning it can take on the value of the other cards, much in the same way that the wild symbol takes on the value of other symbols in slot machines.


Game procedure

To begin a game of video poker, the player must place a bet in order to receive five cards. After reviewing their hand, the player chooses which cards to keep and which cards to change with the intent of getting a stronger hand. The machine then deals new cards according to the player’s selection. The player earns winnings based on the combinations. The stronger the hand, the bigger the winnings. The following are the poker combinations from lowest to highest:

The high card

When you don't have a hand combination, the card with the highest value is used.


Two cards with the same value. Example:

Two pairs

As the name suggests, it is 2 pairs where the value of one pair is different from the value of the second pair. Example:

Three of a kind

Three cards with the same value. Example:


Five sequential cards without the same suit. In this instance, the ace can be used as a high card or a low card. Example:


Five non-sequential cards of the same suit. Example:


A pair and a three of a kind combined. Example:

Four of a kind

Four cards with the same value. Example:

Straight Flush

Five sequential cards with the same suit. Example:

Royal Flush

A straight flush from 10 to an Ace in the same suit. Example:

Quit or double

In most video poker formats, a player has two options if they win: cash out, or try to double their winnings. If a player chooses to double their winnings, the machine will display 5 cards. Four of those cards will be hidden and one card will be open. The player must select one of the four hidden cards. And if the value of the hidden card is higher than the open card, then the players winnings will be doubled. If the open card is a higher value, then all winnings are completely lost. For some poker games, the player can get another opportunity to double their winnings, using the same rules, until they decide to cash out or lose their winnings.

Summary of poker variants

  • Jacks or Better : To win in this game, a player must have at least a pair of jacks in their hand.
  • Deuces Wild : All of the twos are considered wildcards, which means that they can replace any other value card to make up a stronger hand.
  • Joker Poker : The Joker card is added to the deck and functions like a wild card.
  • Aces and Faces : Plays like Jacks or Better but with higher payouts for a four of a kind and aces.

Since there is such a wide variety of video poker games, we highly recommend you read the rules of each game before playing.



The value of winnings differs between the variations of video poker. Always refer to the pay table located in the help section of the game to learn more about the specific games. Please note that payments often depend on the probability of building a particular combination: the lower the probability, the higher the winnings.

Advice to players

Master your variant

If you want to master your preferred variant of video poker, review the pay table to understand the winning combinations and the rules of the particular variant. There are many different variants as well as winning combinations depending on the video poker game selected. At, you can play a video poker game for free, which will help you to learn the rules of the game without losing real money.

Make small bets

We recommend you make smaller bets in a video poker game. This is a much better strategy in the long term even if it doesn't seem so at first.

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