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What is a Live Casino game?


Live Casino games let you participate in unique, dynamic and luxurious live gaming sessions with real and professional dealers as well as other real players. Additionally, the ability to make different side bets and select a wider wagering range makes Live Casino games a popular option for players. And if you want to review and study your game sessions in detail, you can because the games are live-streamed and broadcast with multiple camera angles that capture every crucial moment that happens. You don’t need any special equipment to take advantage of these wild and crazy games. A computer or smartphone is all you need to get in on the action.

Are Live Casino games actually live?


Absolutely! Each broadcast is streamed without any latency. All of the gestures and actions performed by the dealers during these games are viewed live and in real-time. It’s this transparency that make such a strong argument in favor of Live Casino games.

As a beginner, can I play Live Casino games?


Yes. Each player, regardless of their level, whether they are a beginner or a “regular,” can indulge themselves in Live Casino games. However, we always recommend that you learn the rules and basics of the selected game, especially if it is your first time. You can find all the necessary information and advice that pertains to our games in our online casino. And please note that live games do not have a demo version; only sessions with real money bets can be played. Quick tip: If you’re a beginner, a great method to approach the game is to learn the strategies used by other players and then slowly increase the amount of your bets.

How di I leave a game in progress?


You are free to leave the table of a Live Casino game at any time, whether you have placed a bet (with real money) or not. To do this, simply close the window of the game. Live Casino games offer the kind of excitement and fun that can also be found in land-based casinos. You’re always just a click away from choosing one of the 20 exciting games available.

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