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How Does TWINT Work?

News | 14/09/2023

«Are you already twinting?» If so, you are in good company! Can five million Swiss people be wrong? Absolutely not! More than half of the people in our country use the payment app TWINT. This makes the digital wallet one of the most popular domestic means of payment. Have you always wanted to know what TWINT is, how TWINT works and why depositing with TWINT at can pay off twice? Then read on!

How does TWINT work?

This is how paying with TWINT works in a quick run-through:

  1. Download the app to your smartphone or PC.
  2. Make the payment at the online merchant.
  3. Confirm the payment in the TWINT app.

What Is TWINT?

TWINT is a 100% Swiss payment app that was launched in 2016. With TWINT, you can make safe, quick and easy payments with your smartphone and via desktop. In January 2023, TWINT broke the 5 million mark in active users, more than half of our country regularly uses the payment app for payments in retail shops and online commerce.

Of course, you can also use the TWINT app for your deposits at and, with a bit of luck, even receive a bonus of up to CHF 200.

How to Use TWINT?

Paying with TWINT is straightforward, the app guides you step by step through the payment process. There are small differences depending on whether you deposit via desktop or smartphone.

How Does TWINT Work on the Desktop?

If you want to make a payment via PC or laptop, this works with a QR code. Once you have selected TWINT as your payment method and entered the amount, a QR code will appear. Open the TWINT app and scan it. All you have to do is confirm the payment and it will be completed successfully.

How Does TWINT Work on a Smartphone?

TWINT payment with your smartphone is even easier. Select TWINT as the payment method and enter the amount you wish to pay. As soon as you have completed the payment process, the TWINT app opens and you can confirm and thus release the payment directly.

How Do You Install TWINT?

The TWINT app is available for iOS and Android mobile phones. The download is quick and easy, either via the respective store or via your bank. Once you have installed it, you can connect your bank account or credit card to the app. In addition, it is possible to top up the TWINT app with prepaid credit. Most Swiss banks support the digital wallet, including PostFinance, UBS, Züricher Kantonalbank, BCV and Credit Suisse. Many of these banks now even have their own TWINT apps.

How Can I Deposit with TWINT at

We put great emphasis on secure and fast deposit options, which is why TWINT has been a key part of our payment portfolio for a long time. This is how easy it is to make a deposit with the TWINT app at

  1. Log in to your account with your user data.
  2. Go to the checkout and select TWINT as the deposit method.
  3. Enter the amount and confirm the payment in the TWINT app.

There is a minimum amount of CHF 10 for deposits. Your deposit will be credited in a few seconds and, of course, without any fees. You can therefore use your credit immediately.

Your TWINT Deposit Can Pay Off Twice!

Thanks to TWINT: In our big TWINT deposit promotion, we are giving away three bonus funds of up to CHF 200 on Friday among all those who deposit with TWINT on Thursdays.

If you are one of the three lucky winners, you will additionally be credited with the same amount of your Twint deposit as a bonus. If you deposit CHF 50, you will receive CHF 50 as a bonus. If you make a Twint deposit of CHF 200, you will receive the maximum bonus of CHF 200 if you are one of the three winners. So making a deposit with TWINT at can pay off twice!

Conclusion: TWINT Deposits at Are Safe, Quick and Easy

TWINT is one of the most popular payment methods in Switzerland and the digital wallet is also very popular with our players. No wonder, given that:

  • deposits with TWINT are safe, quick and easy.
  • no long card numbers have to be typed in.
  • all data is stored securely in Switzerland.
  • the money is immediately credited to your account.

The TWINT app is available for iOS and Android and is compatible with all popular smartphones. With our big TWINT promotion, depositing with the payment app can also pay off twice for you! Ready to twint at - your Swiss online casino?

If you have any questions about your TWINT deposit at, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team via Live Chat or email at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!


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