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Funky Time - The Biggest Game Show of All Time!

Live Casino | 20/07/2023

Get ready for a Live Casino experience like never before! Funky Time from Evolution Gaming is rocking the virtual halls of online casinos around the globe and here in Switzerland. The revolutionary DigiWheel, a unique spectacle of dynamic multipliers and hot disco beats, makes this game show a luxury class experience.

Are you ready for the Β«BIGGEST, BOLDEST GAME SHOW EVERΒ»? Then head on over to our Live Casino at - your Swiss online casino!

Ready for a Β«Funk-tasticΒ» time with Funky Time?

With Funky Time, Evolution Gaming is putting another spin on game shows. While Crazy Time is already a game show without equal, the gaming provider is taking casino entertainment to new heights with Funky Time. Not without reason does Evolution Gaming speak of the Β«biggest and boldest game show of all timeΒ», but see for yourself!

The game show is hosted in the best Evolution Gaming style by lively presenters who guarantee fun and good vibes. Everything revolves around the revolutionary DigiWheel, a wheel of fortune in which multipliers are randomly generated and assigned to segments in each game round.

You place your stake on a segment, and if the wheel stops exactly there, you win. Up to this point, everything sounds like a standard wheel of fortune, but of course that is by no means all.

The Revolutionary DigiWheel Under the Magnifying Glass

The DigiWheel from Evolution Gaming consists of a total of 64 segments, which are divided into numbers, letters and bonus rounds:

  1. If you place a stake on a segment with the number 1, you will receive a payout of 1:1.
  2. The 24 letter segments with the words FUNK, TIME and PLAY give you payouts of 25:1.
  3. With the bonus segments, you gain access to one of the four bonus features with guaranteed multiplier wins!

So much for the odds in the main game, now it's on to the rounds with the Β«funk-tasticΒ» bonus games.

Bar Bonus Round with a Cocktail

In the Bar Bonus game, a robot awaits you who, as a charming bartender, challenges you to a game of three cocktails. Your task is to choose the glass with the biggest multiplier. This sets the robot into action, mixing your cocktail and giving you the chance to win further multipliers.

Stayin'n Alive Bonus with up to 10'000x Multiplier

This bonus round treats you to a catchy tune from the 70s. While you listen to the disco sounds, you climb up a ladder with multipliers. It starts at 5x, at the top a 10'000x multiplier is waiting for you!

Disco Bonus Round with Mr. Funky

Mr. Funky invites you to the party! Nothing stops you from dancing with Mr. Funky as he collects multipliers for you with every single one of his dance moves on 37 fields. But watch out, if he falls off the dance floor, the bonus game is over.

VIP Disco Bonus for Very Important Players

If Mr. Funky was already really busy in the disco round, he is now in top form. He has a total of 63 spaces at his fingertips in the VIP Disco and he knows how to use them. He moves across the dance floor with groovy moves and the multipliers go up and up.

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Experience a Β«Funk-tasticΒ» time at

With Funky Time from Evolution Gaming, you can experience a Β«funk-tastic-fantasticΒ» time at our Live Casino at - that's just as certain as the guaranteed multipliers you can collect in the bonus rounds!

Are you ready for the biggest and boldest game show ever with the revolutionary DigiWheel, sparkling presenters and hot disco beats? If so, then let's go to the Live Casino at - your Swiss online casino!


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