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What is the most popular online slot machine for Swiss players?

Slots | 19/01/2023

Playing a slot machine is a great way to have a good time while trying to win some amazing jackpots. As a result, a large community of Swiss players really appreciates these games with reels offered by online casinos. What slot machine is “played” the most in the land of chocolate? How do we explain its popularity? Read the full article to find out more about this exciting topic.


  1. Slot machines: authorized in Switzerland since 1993

A mechanic from San Francisco, Charles August Fey, created the first slot machine in 1898. Soon thereafter, slot machines quickly became a very popular form of entertainment in the United States. Some years later, the famous reels-based game was exported to Europe, becoming an immediate success in England and France. Subsequently, supervisory organizations were created so that the numerous players could try their luck legally.

While slot machines became increasingly popular in European countries, it wasn’t until 1993 that it became legal to play these games in Switzerland. This was also the year that the long-awaited authorization of Swiss land-based casinos occurred. The Swiss Gambling Act led to the management of 21 establishments offering slot machines and table games.

  1. The first legal online slot machine in Switzerland

January 1, 2019 became an important date for fans of gambling. On this date, the Swiss government passed a new law authorizing certain online casinos to offer digital versions of slot machines, table games, and other fun games. However, the Federal Gaming Board requirements for obtaining a license were made stricter. Fortunately, has obtained the required license and is able to legally offer its players an incredible gaming experience along with exclusive services.

Since the beginning of 2020, it has become undeniably clear that, while there are many online slot machines available to players, many of them prefer certain titles. What is the most cherished slot machine in the land of chocolate?

  1. And the award for most popular slot machine for Swiss players goes to…

Cherry Trio! iSoftBet’s slot machine has 3 reels and 3 rows with 5 paylines. The game has a minimum bet of CHF 0.01 and a maximum of CHF 1 per “coin.” The game consists of the iconic symbols (7s, bars, fruit, etc.) associated with slot machines.

The success of this slot machine in Switzerland can be attributed to the following features:

  • Guaranteed simplicity and accessibility
  • Modern graphics featuring the iconic slot machine symbols (7, bars, fruits etc.)

Additionally, the red colour of the cherries and 7s in Cherry Trio reminds Swiss players of the colours on the flag of their dear country. The subtlety of design for the slot machine also captures the interests of Swiss players. Finally, several reviews by players state that Cherry Trio is an “advanced version” of a slot machine that was once popular in the land of chocolate: Super Cherry.

Want to learn more about Cherry Trio slot machine? Don’t waste time on your favourite search engine! Cherry Trio is available directly in our online casino at! Experience the game in our demo version or place your bets with real money!

  1. Starbust: another high standard for online slot machines

Starbust is another slot machine that Swiss players really enjoy. Created by NetEnt, this slot machine game has 5 reels and 3 rows with 10 paylines. The iconic 7s and bars symbols are also present in this slot machine, but the fruits have been replaced by sparkling emeralds. The maximum win is up to 50,000 credits – an amount that could certainly make life a bit easier!

This high-standard online slot machine is also offered at Don't hesitate to try the game many fans call a “must play!”

  1. What about land-based casinos?

The best slot machines offered by land-based casinos in Switzerland are significantly different. Two surprising differences determine the popularity of two must play titles: French and Swiss German.

Francophone regions

Several French-speaking Swiss players are huge fans of Lucky Lady’s Charm slot machine (physical version). This game features mystical symbols as well as card game figures. It also has 5 reels and 3 rows with a minimum bet of CHF 0.02 and maximum of 20 coins. Perhaps it’s the minimalism of Lucky Lady’s Charm that seems to capture the attention of French-speaking Swiss players.

Germanophone regions

For Swiss German-speaking players, Lucky Lady’s Charm is much less popular. They tend to prefer more “classic” games, such as the famous Super Cherry slot machine. Once again, it’s the simplicity and the dominant red colour of this game that seems to capture the attention of fans in the Germanophone regions of Switzerland.

The Book of Ra slot machine (physical version) is also an incredible success in land-based casinos. With rules and mechanisms similar to Lucky Lady’s Charm, this game offers a different aesthetic and transports players to the dark and mystical universe of Ancient Egypt.

  1. Conclusion

Since 2019, classic slot machines featuring fruit have been the favorites of many Swiss online players. Cherry Trio has been an undeniable success for players in this class. For land-based casinos, the Francophone and Germanophone regions players have different slot machine preferences: Lucky Lady’s Charm and Super Cherry, respectively.


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