Pasino spinner
Casino du Lac Meyrin

Guess the correct safe code
to bag CHF 500 cash!

Taking part is easy

Enter the three-digit vault code between 100 and 999 in the Bonus Code field:

You will receive a bonus of CHF 1 for participating. If you guess correctly, you will receive CHF 500 in cash.

Conditions of participation

  • The offer is valid from 18 to 22 september.
  • Each player may only enter the vault code once.
  • The bonus of CHF 1 will be credited immediately after you have entered the vault code in the Bonus Code field.
  • If only one player guesses the three-digit vault code, he will receive CHF 500 in cash. If more than one player guesses the correct vault code, a draw will be held to determine which player will receive the CHF 500 in cash.
  • The CHF 500 in cash will be credited on 23 september and the winner will be notified by e-mail.